The Berger Bungalow: DIY Holiday Bowling Pins: A Game Day With Our Family

DIY Holiday Bowling Pins: A Game Day With Our Family
Posted on:11.16.2015

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Time is one of those things that most seem to struggle with. I hear over and over again that my friends are so busy that they don't have time to do other things outside of work like exercising, or even spending time with their friends and family. My schedule is usually pretty flexible, but these past few weeks, I have definitely understood what my friends mean when they say that they don't have time. My past two weeks have been nonstop - I've struggled to keep up with the things I enjoy and I haven't even had time to sit down with my family to enjoy dinner and quality time together.

This past week while meal planning, I was searching online for quick meals. I found an amazing tomato soup recipe and I quickly rushed to Walmart to pick up the ingredients. While searching for the perfect tomatoes, I smelled the prepared meals in the deli section. Those babies were calling my name and I had the perfect idea! When I got home, I told Ian about the meals I found. Instead of spending the time to cook at home, we picked up a rotisserie chicken and a side of potato salad with coca-cola and used all of the extra time to have a game day with our family! We had so much fun bowling, watching football, laughing and eating the awesome meal that brought us together. Even the dogs had fun! We even had enough time to make fun Holiday bowling pins with leftover Coca-Cola bottles! [DIY instructions below].

One of the things I loved about the deli meal that we purchased is that Coca-Cola at Walmart has teamed up with The Salvation Army! In November and December, each time you purchase a prepared meal with Coca-Cola through the Walmart Deli, they will provide a meal to a family in need through The Salvation Army. Isn't that amazing?! This time of the year is typically spent thinking about making your Christmas wish list and planning the food you are cooking for Thanksgiving, but giving is also just as, if not more important! Every family deserves to be able to enjoy the holidays together with a warm meal & that is what I intend to make happen, but I need your help!!

I invite you to join me by helping families in need this holiday season! Every photo shared of your family enjoying a Coca-Cola and prepared meal from the Walmart Deli with the hashtag #GiveHappiness spreads awareness and supports this amazing cause! Not only will you be spreading awareness and helping a family in need, but you will also be gaining more time to spend with your family by picking up a quick, yummy meal.

Coca-Cola Bowling Pin Tutorial

What you need:
- A six pack of Coca-Cola, or six 2 liter bottles.
- Sponge brushes.
- White, orange and black paint.
- A ball to hit the pins (we used a bocce ball)

Step 1: Remove all labels on your bottles.
Step 2: Paint 3 of the bottles black and 3 bottles white. I like taking a sponge brush to dab the white on to make it look more like snow.
Wait until everything is dry to continue!

Step 3: On each black bottle, paint an oval for the penguins belly.
Step 4: On each black bottle, paint two white dots for eyes. 
Step 5: Paint the beak and the feet orange. When everything is dry, finish your eyes by adding a black dot.
Step 6: For the snowman, you are going to use the corner of the sponge brush to make medium sized dots for the buttons. 
Step 7: Then, take the same corner to make the smiling mouth!!
Step 8: Dip your sponge brush in the paint again and use the corner of the brush to make the black eyes.
Step 9: To make the carrot nose, take the bottom edge of the brush and press very lightly to make a line.
Step 10: When everything is dry, you can add blush to your snowman if you wish!!

As you can see, we had an amazing time at our family game day! Go check out my Instagram picture of our time and make sure to share your own pictures using the hashtag #GiveHappiness when eating your prepared meal and Coca-Cola from The Walmart Deli. What will your family do with all the time gained?!

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