The Berger Bungalow: October Goals

October Goals
Posted on:10.01.2015

October is here, October is here! I am thrilled that fall is finally here! It is by far my favorite season & SO much is happening this season! I cannot wait to share it with all of you. I have a few announcements to give you guys before I jump into my September update and my new October goals.
  • LOTS of new things happening around here! I am redesigning this blog, creating a Facebook account for it & more! Look out for all of the new things so you can stay up to date & please bare with me as I go through the process of having things updated!
  •  I've turned down a few sponsored posts because I really want to bring good content to this site & I'm not going to write about a product or company that I don't believe in. With that being said, I have my first sponsored post coming up TOMORROW and you will all love it!!! Hint: It's for a really good cause, so make sure you share it with all of your friends! :)

Now on to the goals! ;) 

 September Goals:
1. Buy a few flashlights. [101 in 1001] I bought one flashlight, one mini lantern (that is SO bright) and a bunch of candles!
2. Read at least two books. [101 in 1001] So, I read one. I TRIED my best to read two, but I'm struggling reading Eat, Pray, Love. Not as good as I thought it would be...
3. Write a blog post on a harder recipe. I wouldn't call it hard, but you can check this out: Crostini Recipe & Summer Pasta recipe
4. Do something spontaneous. - Pretty sure randomly going to a Jamaican restaurant in The Bahamas is pretty spontaneous. Also, randomly going to the park at midnight and playing on the playground. 
 5. Go apple picking [or do I have to wait for October?]. I am going the first week of October!
6. Get rid of all the clutter in our house. DONE!
7. Teach MJ to cook our spicy lasagna [Get it on the calendar, guys]. Not my fault! I'm not the planner on this one.
8. Clean our Keurig, and deep clean our kitchen. I cleaned our Keurig and halfway cleaned the kitchen... I got rid of all the clutter in there, but I need to scrub our floors!
9. Drink a gallon of water everyday for at least a week. [101 in 1001] NOPE
10. Plan a girls night/day. DONE!

October Goals:

1. Go apple picking
2. Make apple sauce with my grandma.
3. Make a new friend! 
4. Celebrate Jessica & Ky's engagement! 
5. Deep clean our kitchen [yes, adding it to the list again]
6. Drink a gallon of water everyday for at least a week [and this one again too!]
7. Complete my first sponsored post!!!!! [Super excited about this one]
8. Start thinking about Christmas present ideas for others!!!!! EEEK!

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