The Berger Bungalow: Herbed Compound Butter Recipe

Herbed Compound Butter Recipe
Posted on:10.10.2015

Have you ever been out in a restaurant & had a "flavored" butter with your bread? Well, the 
fancy name for it is actually compound butter & it is extremely easy to make at home! Compound butter is a great way to spruce up your meals - put it on bread, pasta, steak, etc. All of it will have more flavor & your guests will be impressed. For Ian's birthday, I got together with my friend Jessica and we made a five course meal for our guys! Jessica's fianc√©'s birthday is in September as well, so it worked out great! You can check out more information about our five course meal here. 

Without further ado:

Herbed Butter

1 Stick of unsalted Butter
1 Tablespoon minced rosemary
1 Tablespoon minced sage
1 Tablespoon minced thyme

Step 1: Make sure your butter is extremely soft and then cut into cubes.
Step 2: Add the butter to a blender, or a hand mixer.
Step 3: Add your herbs and a pinch of salt (to taste).
Step 4: Blend until the compound butter looks whipped. You might have to stop a few times and scrape the herbs from the side and bottom so that it all gets mixed in good.
Step 5: Put it in a serving dish, or bowl and wrap it in plastic. Leave it in the fridge until an hour or two before served. Voil√†!

Stay tuned for my next Compound Butter Recipe:
Tomato Basil! 

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