The Berger Bungalow: Travel: Fort Clinch

Travel: Fort Clinch
Posted on:10.13.2015

Located in Fernandina Beach Florida, Fort Clinch is a well-preserved historical site that everyone needs to put on their travel bucket list! Although no battles actually occurred at Fort Clinch, it is still an amazing thing to see! You get to view everything like it is currently happening - there is even a 'soldier' on site every day in character. Guests can interact with the soldier as he goes through his daily activities. We learned so much about what they carried on them and in their bags, and what they did everyday!

Fort Clinch was constructed between 1816-1867. This time period is known as the "Third System of Fortifications." They constructed the fort at the mouth of St. Mary's River for two reasons: The main reason is to protect the port of Fernandina and make sure that it did not become a point of invasion. The second reason it was constructed in this area was to make sure the cross-state railroad was protected. In fact, this is Florida's only cross-state railroad. 

Unfortunately, the fort was eventually abandoned for war purposes and sand accumulated throughout the fort making it unable to visit. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt started the Civilian Conservation Corps program during the Great Depression when more than 25% of the nation was unemployed. This program is now recognized as the greatest conservation program in America. More than 800 parks were reconstructed nationwide! The museum, campground, and park roads were the start of the reconstruction of Fort Clinch. Thanks to all of the hard work the men put in, visitors can now see how Fort Clinch looked in 1864. 

Although Fort Clinch is a wonderful educational opportunity, it also has amazing views that you need to see! Check out our pictures below, and check out more information including the fees and hours here.

Have you been to Fort Clinch, or another Fort? What did you think?

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