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Choosing What Matters
Posted on:10.27.2015

When I was younger, anytime I went into a store, I would always come out with an item. Even when shopping for a gift to take to a birthday party, I would convince my dad that I also needed the same gift. One time, we went into a gardening store and I begged and begged for things all the way to the register. I even asked for items that I would never use. I am still somewhat this way. Obviously, not as bad - I can leave a store without getting anything for myself, but I am always wanting something.

Raise your hand if you want (or purchased) the new iPhone! What about new clothes to go with the current fall trends? It seems like the majority of our population (myself included) constantly wants something. When we get what we want, we immediately move on to the next want because we are not satisfied for long. Some of those wants include Starbucks coffee every morning, new clothes, new electronics, or even a new house or car. Why are we not satisfied with what we have? Why do we always "need" the latest and greatest when our current items still work for us?

One thing that Ian and I have been working on in our marriage is not giving in to those stupid wants and instead, focusing on the things that will bring us joy. Most of the time when we want an item, we realize that we only want it because we see others that have the same item and we want to stay up to date on the latest trends. This is so stupid & the sad reality is that we do it all the time. Think about it... A Target purse will maybe cost you $20-30, but a Michael Kors purse costs you about $200+ (give or take some). They both do the exact same thing, but you want the Michael Kors bag because it is popular. Same with Starbucks. You are able to save money by drinking a coffee or tea at home, but Starbucks is the cool thing to get. I know that I definitely fall into this category - I buy the purse that costs more because it's stylish and I go to Starbucks for that $5 drink even though I can make a cup of coffee or tea at home for less.

For the most part, Ian and I want to break this habit. We will still treat ourselves like anyone should, but we do not need everything that we want. From now on, we are going to sit down and think about why we want an item. Do we actually need it? Will it bring us joy? Will we shortly forget about it and just move on to the next want? We would rather save the money that we would spend on pointless items & use it towards things we want to do together. This way, we are getting to have experiences and live life with our money instead of buying something that we will shortly forget about. When you want something that you do not need, sit down and think about it for a while. You might be surprised when you realize why you want it.

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