The Berger Bungalow: Travel: Carnival Sensation Cruise Ship - What I thought

Travel: Carnival Sensation Cruise Ship - What I thought
Posted on:10.04.2015

Hey y'all! I'm back with another travel review. For Ian's birthday this past September, I really wanted to do something special and memorable. I weighed my options for a while and almost went to New Orleans for the weekend, but I finally decided to surprise him with a cruise trip! I had never tried Carnival Cruise Lines, so I decided to book a Bahamas cruise on The Carnival Sensation. I have been on multiple Royal Caribbean Cruises, as well as a few Disney Cruises when I was younger & they were all amazing. Before I get into details, let me just explain to you that it is very hard to make me really upset, especially on vacation. I try to make the best out of each situation & I make sure my expectations are not too high in a situation that I cannot control, but I did get really bummed out on this trip. Let's just say that I will be going back to Royal Caribbean after our experience.

I don't want to go into a lot of negative details, but here are a few of our issues that we had:

1. The food. The best thing I had the entire time was in the Bahamas at an actual restaurant. On the ship, they did have pizza that was pretty good & a wok lunch station that was great! Other than that, I wasn't a fan. For example, I ordered duck one night & I swear it was ham lunch meat. Gross! 

2. The drink package. I am pretty sure they did not correctly keep up with my drink number. I only had 8 drinks our last day, but they cut me off... Waste of money, especially since the drinks are very small and weak. We really had an awful experience with the drink package. Awful. 

3. The ship smelled so gross! Everywhere. All of my clothes smelled like cigarettes when we got back.

...and more, but I don't want to dwell on the negative. Message me if you want details on all of the issues we had! 

There were a few great things about our cruise:

1. Our waiter at dinner was amazing. He was the sweetest guy you'll ever meet!

2. I loved the towel animals!!

3. The Bahamas = gorgeous.

4. The Wok lunch place. So good! It was pretty much like a Big Chow Grill with less ingredients and sauces.

5. 24/7 Pizza and ice cream.

6. It was so nice getting away for a short trip! 

7. The weather was hot, but perfect.

I definitely do not recommend traveling with Carnival because of our experience, BUT I do know some people have had good experiences, so if you are interested in trying it out, go for it! I would just do some research before you go. I've had an amazing time on all of the Royal Caribbean cruises I have been on & definitely recommend traveling through them. [This is NOT Sponsored] 

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