The Berger Bungalow: 5 things to do in Nassau

5 things to do in Nassau
Posted on:10.23.2015

If you are reading this post, you've probably decided to take a trip to Nassau, or you just want to read about our trip! We loved our time in Nassau and definitely recommend it for a short trip.

Things to do in Nassau:

1. Eat! Try bohemian food while you are there! We went to a restaurant right by the port [across from the straw market] and had amazing jerk chicken + rice and peas. Try the conch while you are visiting!

2. Go to the beach! I've heard mixed reviews about Junkanoo Beach (the beach that is in walking distance from the port), but we ended up going to the Melia and had an amazing time. The beach is GORGEOUS & the pina coladas are amazing.

3. Listen to the music by the port! These guys definitely put on a show. We had so much fun listening to them!! 

4. Take a taxi ride! This in itself is an adventure & pretty scary. It was definitely fun, though & we loved seeing the beaches we drove by. 

5. Shop! There is a straw market & other shops right by the port. This is what a lot of people that visit the Bahamas do. 

Whatever you decide to do, you'll love it! Soak in all of the sights and experiences you have while visiting. 

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