The Berger Bungalow: Travel: The Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Travel: The Blue Hole Mineral Spring
Posted on:9.16.2015

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring was fantastic. Once again, this was one of our favorite excursions while in Jamaica. We went with Juju tours again and had a blast! 

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring is located in Westmoreland Parish which is about 20 minutes from Negril where we were staying. The locals were there to help us jump properly into the water, and they told us a lot about the area + the mineral spring. The water is sitting on top of limestone, so the water never gets dirty - it automatically filters and cleans itself. Limestone is really beneficial to your skin - we used it as a mask to help our sunburn (it really did help!!!). 

The water is about 25-30 feet down depending on the day. You have the option to jump, or climb the ladder, but they really push jumping. Ian is TERRIFIED of heights, so there was a lot of waiting around which you will see in our pictures below. He climbed the ladder down at first, then jumped about 10 feet and made it to jumping about 15ish feet at the end. I jumped from the top of the ladder which was about 20ish feet. I totally should have jumped from the top of the cave, but it was terrifying looking down! The water is completely clear, so it looked like you were going to jump on the rocks. 

We definitely recommend going to The Blue Hole Mineral Spring when visiting Jamaica - they are even in the process of building hotel rooms, so you can possibly stay there next time you go. The experience was out of this world. I cannot wait to go back again and hopefully work up the courage jump from the top, and not just from the ladder!  Enjoy our pictures! 


  1. Wow! What stunning scenery! You must have been in bliss the whole time! Thanks for sharing!


    1. It was fabulous!! Jamaica in general is just amazing. I cannot wait to go back. :)