The Berger Bungalow: Local Atlanta // Spa Day at Jeju Sauna and Wellbeing

Local Atlanta // Spa Day at Jeju Sauna and Wellbeing
Posted on:9.12.2015

Last month, I went to Jeju Sauna and Wellbeing which is a traditional Korean bath house. I was a bit nervous because it was out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad I went.  When we arrived, we paid our $25 to get access to the building (Sauna's, food court, bathrooms, sleeping rooms, spa, etc.), and then proceeded to take off our shoes before entering, placing them in a locker. Once we got in the women's locker room, we changed into their uniform and headed out to check out the Saunas! One of my fears was that it was going to be dirty because it is open to the public 24 hours a day, but there were people constantly cleaning. I was extremely surprised (and thankful) that it was very clean!
This was part of my 101 in 1001 challenge. Check it out here!

They had a total of nine different sauna's - two in the locker rooms, and seven in the co-ed areas. My two favorites were the Jade Sauna and the Ice Sauna. The Jade room helps with increased metabolism, arthritis, and improved circulation. It was also a very comfortable temperature - so comfortable that people went in there to sleep (and snore). The ice room lowers your body temperature (which you definitely need while constantly being hot) and contracts your pores leaving your skin healthier. Each of their Saunas have different health benefits like the two above & we definitely enjoyed all of them! We tried to spend 15 minutes in each room twice that day.

We then decided to get a scrub and hip bath. The scrub is not your typical American scrub. It is an extremely vigorous rub down that is actually painful, but it works & is worth it, in my opinion. You write your number that the front desk gives you on a white board to wait for your scrub, and you have to soak in the hot tubs for 10-20 minutes before so that your skin is soft. When they call you back, you choose your package. I chose the "body shampoo with cucumber mask." You walk back to a room with three other people in it and lay down on a plastic table (not too comfortable at all). She throws warm water on you out of a bucket, and then scrubs you with a mit for at least 30 minutes straight. You are seriously slipping and sliding all over this uncomfortable plastic table with hopes that you'll make it out alive. I have never seen so much dead skin in my life - the table and myself were covered. After the scrub, she rinsed me off with more water, washed my body with soap, rinsed me off for the tenth time, and started massaging oil into my body while giving me a massage. I've never had a harder, but more effective massage in my life. It felt like she was standing and jumping on my back, but she got all of the kinks out! I've had neck/upper back pain lately and since I had this scrub and massage, I have not had any issues. After 30 minutes of the massage, she scrubbed me again and rubbed more oil in my skin, then proceeded to give me the cucumber facial and even wash my hair! After she was done with the mask and washing my hair, she made sure there was no rough skin on me, and then poured warm milk on me! Even if I didn't benefit at all from this service (which I did), it was an experience that I am so glad I did, but when I left the table, my skin was softer than it has ever been. I have no bumps, or rough skin (even on my hands, elbows, feet, etc.) and I just felt GOOD! I cannot wait to go back and do it again.

One of the highlights of our trip (even though all of it was amazing) was the food court! Authentic Korean food is just the best. Actually, Authentic anything is the best. If you guys know me, I will eat (almost) anything - especially if it is adventurous and out of my comfort zone. I love trying new things and this was 100% an opportunity! I can't wait to take Ian back to try the food, he would love it. They even had juices, smoothies, plain rice, chicken tenders, etc. for the not so adventurous foodies out there. ;)

With everything being said, I definitely recommend trying out Jeju Sauna and Wellbeing! It was an awesome experience, and I left extremely relaxed. Would you try out a traditional Korean bath house?

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