The Berger Bungalow: September goals

September goals
Posted on:9.01.2015

So, my August goals didn't go so well. When writing out my goals, my August Calendar looked practically empty. I was only working 1-2 times per week, and I didn't have much else planned other than the occasional night out, so I thought I would be able to accomplish all of these things that take time. I ended up accepting a new job that came to me out of nowhere (I wasn't looking for a job, so it definitely caught me by surprise), I agreed to help my sister in the afternoons for a week, and had so many other things pop up on my calendar. It turned out that this was one of the busiest months I've had in a while, and I just could not take the time to do some of these items. Oh well! We have a new month coming up that will hopefully go better.  Here are my August Goals:
  • Take at least SIX pilates classes. I really want to attempt eight classes, but I would be very happy with six. I ended up taking about five. I lost count around three, haha. So close! 
  • Deep clean one room in our house every week. I started on one and then quit.... oops.
  • Stretch and meditate every weekday. I have never meditated before, but I feel like it could really slow down my mornings and give me time to breathe and think before the hectic day begins. Stretching will definitely help me in my pilates class. I didn't even come close to completing this one.
  • Eat healthier. I feel like I did eat healthier overall this month! I did have a few times where I slipped up and ate something bad (a jamaican beef patty and a few snacks here and there), but for the most part, I ate salads, smoothies, cooked healthy dinners, etc.
  • Meet at least one new friend. Can I call my new nanny kids friends? I worked a lot this month!
  • Find a good devotional to start next month. I am working on this one currently, but haven't found one that I really like.
  • Blog more!  DONE!
  • Go on more dates with my guy!  DONE! We have gone out to dinner a few times, and went to a few concerts. We even had a date day at Krog Street Market. 

September Goals:

1. Buy a few flashlights. [101 in 1001]
2. Read at least two books. [101 in 1001]
3. Write a blog post on a harder recipe.
4. Do something spontaneous.
5. Go apple picking [or do I have to wait for October?].
6. Get rid of all the clutter in our house.
7. Teach MJ to cook our spicy lasagna [Get it on the calendar, guys].
8. Clean our Keurig, and deep clean our kitchen.
9. Drink a gallon of water everyday for at least a week. [101 in 1001]
10. Plan a girls night/day.

These "goals" are significantly easier than the ones I posted for August, so maybe I can make them happen. Gotta start somewhere, right?! Have a good month!

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