The Berger Bungalow: BON VOYAGE!

Posted on:9.01.2015

For the next few days, Ian and I will be traveling to the Bahamas to get some sun and relaxation! With that being said, I will not have wifi & won't be able to respond to your comments & messages, but I will as soon as I'm back. :) 

Books I'm reading: 
- Eat Pray Love
- Summer Breeze
- Wild
I am all about easy, summer reads right now (especially on a cruise). Let me know what books you are reading!

Upcoming Posts:
- More about our wedding
- The Pelican Bar
- Jeju Sauna
I also cannot wait to do the Blogger Men Tell All post at the end of the month with Becca Dorr!

Have a fantastic week!


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  2. Enjoy your trip! Eat Pray Love is one of my favs! Would love to discuss when you are done reading. Bon Voyage Bergers!!

    1. I didn't get to read much on our trip, but I'll let you know as soon as I'm done!! :)