The Berger Bungalow: Our Wedding Part 3 - First look

Our Wedding Part 3 - First look
Posted on:8.12.2015

Our first look was so special! I definitely recommend a first look for brides and grooms for a few reasons:
  • You want to spend time with each other! After the ceremony, it is SO hectic. Everyone obviously wants your time and attention, and you really do not get much time with the one you are marrying! We loved our first look because it gave us time with just the two of us. 
  • We didn't have to rush for all of our portraits and family pictures after the ceremony! Instead, we had a few drinks and some hors d'oeuvres. It was great! Take your time and enjoy the day with the ones you love.
  • Ian was really nervous about crying, and doing it "alone" for the first time calmed his nerves. Both of us were pretty nervous on the morning of just because we knew there would be 150 people staring at us as we walked down the aisle, and made our vows to each other. This made it a bit easier knowing we already saw each other.

We definitely recommend it. Our first look was taken at Piedmont Park right below our venue, Park Tavern - The Piedmont Room. Ian cried WHEN I LEFT THE REHEARSAL DINNER, so we knew for a fact that he would cry when doing our first look, and we were definitely right! I couldn't help but laugh because of anticipation, and the fact that it was finally real!! Look how adorable these pictures are!!!!

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