The Berger Bungalow: Our Wedding Part 2 - Getting ready!

Our Wedding Part 2 - Getting ready!
Posted on:8.04.2015

Warning - Picture overload!!! 
The morning of our wedding was MUCH better than the day before. The horrible weather cleared up, and the sun even peaked through every so often. It was mainly foggy and really cold, but I didn't care! Most of our guests were able to make it into Atlanta after long (and scary) travel days the night before. 

That morning, we woke up and went to Starbucks AND Chick Fil A. Woo woo! Everyone needs Starbucks on their wedding day. No joke... Our makeup artist and hair stylist arrived right as we were getting back to the hotel and started working right way! My girls and I finished tying the bows on the macaron boxes, listened to music, talked, and tried to relax before the day started.
Our Photographers and Videographers trickled in as the day progressed and started taking pictures and video of everything! Then, our lunch arrived. We ended up having it catered by The Fat Lady Baker (Based out of East Cobb). Check her out - She is AMAZING! Then, our bouquets arrived and HOLY COW they were so gorgeous. Lindsey with Leave it to Lindsey literally nailed my design. Unfortunately, some of the flowers I wanted didn't get to Atlanta in time because of the storm, but even without them, the flowers were more than amazing.

Mrs. Berger!!!

After all of our hair and makeup was complete, we grabbed the flowers and headed over to the venue. We had a room set up there with champagne for us to drink, and waited for everything to start! It's amazing how everything transforms in front of your eyes on the day of your wedding. 

 We exchanged our gifts at the venue, and the girls got me an extremely special present!!
So sweet! He gave me a monogrammed necklace.

This was my gift from the girls - each bridesmaid added to a scrapbook full of pictures of me. Pictures of myself with Ian, pictures of myself with them, and the sweetest captions and well wishes.

I can't wait to share more with you guys!
Next up on my wedding posts: Our first look & portraits! 
Have a great week!!! <3


  1. You looked Stunning! I love the pic of you jumping on the bed.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah!! That was probably the most fun part of the morning :)