The Berger Bungalow: August Goals

August Goals
Posted on:8.02.2015

Date day at Krog Street Market in Atlanta, GA. 

The summer months are ending... How in the world can it already be August? It just seems crazy
that time is flying by so fast lately. I want to get back into writing down my goals, and just blogging more in general. I have majorly slacked off lately, but I am determined to start again! Without further ado, here are my goals this month!!!

August Goals:

  • Take at least SIX pilates classes. I really want to attempt eight classes, but I would be very happy with six.
  • Deep clean one room in our house every week.
  • Stretch and meditate every weekday. I have never meditated before, but I feel like it could really slow down my mornings and give me time to breathe and think before the hectic day begins. Stretching will definitely help me in my pilates class.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Meet at least one new friend.
  • Find a good devotional to start next month.
  • Blog more! 
  • Go on more dates with my guy! 

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