The Berger Bungalow: 5 tips for eating healthier

5 tips for eating healthier
Posted on:8.09.2015

1. Make a list for the grocery store...and stick to it! Hard, I know. I will eventually post our typical grocery lists. Yes, we have more than one because we cannot get ALL of our food at Costco.

2. Buy healthy foods and prepare healthy snacks ahead of time so they are ready to go. Cut and wash celery, bell peppers, carrots(if needed), cucumbers, etc. Boil some eggs to have on hand, and get lots of fruit and have it ready (cut up, washed, etc.) so that you choose fruit over dessert. Instead of grabbing the chips that are convenient, you will now have vegetables and fruit that are convenient, as well. You can even eat the fruit for dessert, but if you absolutely need something else for dessert, you could always have dove chocolates, just make sure you eat them in moderation!

3. Learn to love cooking meals. Eating healthy doesn't mean eating boring. Yes, some people that are on diets eat the simple chicken breast, green vegetable & sweet potato, but Ian and I love to COOK! We get a lot of our recipes from Skinny Taste and love to come up with a new recipe!

4. HYDRATE! Drinking a lot of water throughout the day not only helps you stay full, but it also helps cleanse your body, helps your organs function, and it also helps your skin, hair and nails look fabulous! You will be glowing in no time. Challenge: Try drinking a gallon a day.

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5. Eat healthy options often. No, this does not mean eat anything you want, all the time. Eat healthy small snacks and meals. Eating "small meals" throughout the day helps you not overeat when it comes to your "bigger meals" aka. dinner. Dinner has always been an issue for me because I feel like I used to eat so much crap throughout the day & it would just leave me feeling gross and unsatisfied. When I first started trying to eat healthier, I would try to just eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it would leave me eating way more than I should at dinner, and then I would snack after dinner, as well. Eating healthy throughout the day has helped me eat smaller portions, and it keeps my metabolism going.

Of course, there are a million tips and tricks out there to help you eat healthier. These are just a few tips that have really helped me, but the most important thing I can remind you is to always eat in moderation. Ian and I try to eat extremely healthy throughout the week so that we have the ability to enjoy our weekends and not worry about it so much. If we end up going out to dinner throughout the week, or have a party to attend, we do not worry so much about what we eat, but if there is a healthier option, we try to opt for it. Don't be too hard on yourself no matter what. You will eventually reach your goals - just stick with it!

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