The Berger Bungalow: 101 in 1001.

101 in 1001.
Posted on:8.16.2015

101 goals in 1001 days. While making this list, I came up with things that I have always wanted to do, things that will inspire me, and things that I am scared to do (cough cough skydiving). I am hoping that this list will not only keep me accountable in achieving my goals, and the things I want to try, but also open my eyes and let me experience more life while having fun. I hope to be inspired by the things I do on this list, find new experiences that I love, and eventually start on a new 101 in 1001 days after I complete this one. I will update this page regularly and make new posts on some of the interesting things I am doing. Follow along with me!!

Start Date: Sunday, August 16, 2015.
End Date: Sunday, May 13, 2018.

Goals completed: 16/101


1. Figure out where we want want to buy a house 
2. Buy a house
3. Learn how to keep a garden alive
4. Hang a map to pin places we've traveled
5. Buy a new mattress
6. Deep clean our house
7. Buy 5 new cookbooks
8. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch [post here]
9. Finish painting our bookshelves
10. Cook a new recipe once a week for two months
11. Perfect a Chicken Tikka Masala recipe

Friends + Family
12. Make a new friend 
13. Be a bridesmaid
14. Set up regular girls nights
15. Make a friend dinner
16. Cook a five course meal for/with friends [post here]
17. Give friends five 'just because' gifts
18. Take Emma to do something fun (when she is a bit older)
19. Help with a friend's dream
20. Cook with my grandma [post coming soon]
21. Catch up with five friends I have not talked to in a while [1/5]

22. Celebrate our one year anniversary
23. ...and our second
24. ...and our third
25. Frame pictures from our wedding and honeymoon
26. Plan a surprise trip for Ian [post here]
27. Make breakfast in bed
28. Make a wedding album
29. Have dinner at our rehearsal dinner venue
30. Have dinner at our wedding venue
31. Read an entire book with Ian
32. Go on a picnic
33. Take a staycation
34. Start a new tradition

35. Complete the Couch to 5k Program
36. Drink a gallon of water every day for at least one week
37. Workout at least once a week for 6 months straight
38. Eat Gluten Free for an entire week
39. Try a new workout class
40. Complete the 30 miles in 30 days challenge
41. Take a yoga class
42. Buy bicycles for myself and Ian
43. Eat only raw foods for an entire day
44. Climb Stone Mountain
45. Try a Barre Class

46. Travel to at least 10 new places
47. Stay at a bed and breakfast
48. Go skydiving (not sure about this one...)
49. Try 10 new restaurants in the area 
50. Take a cooking class
51. Visit a winery [ Check it out here ]
52. Learn how to sew and/or monogram
53. Go to Topgolf
54. Make 10 new recipes from my cookbooks
55. Throw a surprise party
56. Go camping
57. Pick my own fruit
58. Go to a drive in movie
59. Read at least 300 new books
60. Try at least 100 new wines [1. The Pinot Project, 2. Ramey 3. Yonah Genesis 6 4. Yonah Genesis 7, 5. Yonah Meritage, 6. Yonah Chardonnay, 7. Meiomi, 8. ]
61. Visit at least 3 Diners, Drive Ins and Dives restaurants
62. Attend a concert I typically would not go to  [Swami Gone Bananas, Alabama Shakes. Read about my shows here!]
63. Walk to dinner from our house
64. Go to Cirque Du Soleil
65. Take a fun road trip
66. Plan a trip to meet an elephant
67. Go to Jeju Sauna [Read about it here]
68. Ride go karts
69. Learn to play golf
70. Try to extreme coupon one time (hahaha)

For others
71. Volunteer at least twice
72. Sponsor a child or animal
73. Donate clothing
74. Donate $1 for every goal accomplished
75. Buy goods from at least 5 small businesses or organizations
76. Leave a 100% tip
77. Pay for a strangers coffee
78. Bring doughnuts into work for the kids

79. Pay off our credit cards
80. Make a 6 month emergency fund
81. Save $10 for each goal accomplished
82. Contribute to my retirement fund monthly
83. Read a book about investing

For myself
84. Be social media free for an entire weekend
85. Invest in good makeup brushes
86. Wear my retainer for 30 days straight (hopefully more)
87. Get a massage and facial
88. Don't complain at all for one week
89. Go to the eye doctor
90. Get my wedding dress cleaned and preserved
91. Find a skincare routine that I love
92. Redo my closet
93. Gain at least 20 new followers on my blog
94. Invest in a new purse
95. Get my hair cut regularly

Be prepared
96. Put a battery in the smoke detector [Read about it here]
97. Buy a few flashlights
98. Buy 100 hour candles
99. Stock up on food and water
100. Stock our freezer for winter
101. Make winter car kits


  1. You have great goals on here! Sounds like you got stuck in the Atlanta snow storm too from your "be prepared section." I put a bair of snow boots that I picked up from a thrift store to put in my trunk. I was stuck with my students a mile and a half away from home and had worn flats to school like a real winner haha!

    House hunting is hard, but I'm excited to see your posts about your house when you buy it! It will totally be worth it :)

    1. Oh my gosh, yes!! It was miserable. I was about 8 miles from my house & it took me over 11 hours to get home! My husband walked to me about 5 miles because I was going insane being in the car alone for that long. What did you do?!
      Ahh, yes - I'm so excited about house hunting, but we have to figure out which area we want to buy in first which is super hard, as well. We have narrowed it down to Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs & Downtown Atlanta, but of course there are still so many little communities in all of those cities :)

  2. Love this post!!!! Great list! I especially like how you have them separated by category. Best of luck to you, esp. with skydiving LOL that's been on my wish to do list for a long time. Can't wait to read your progress to through the list and follow your journey.