The Berger Bungalow: How to get over a cold fast!

How to get over a cold fast!
Posted on:5.14.2015

Don't you hate being congested?! In my opinion, I would rather puke than not be able to breathe. Congestion is the worst! Not only can you not breathe, but you usually end up getting a headache, and a sore throat from the build up of pressure & snot. So nasty! I'm currently fighting a summer cold (didn't even know that could happen), so I wanted to share a few tips with you guys! 

Ways to fight off a cold & feel better faster:

1. SLEEP! This is probably the number one way to get over any illness faster (and to stay healthy). 

2. Drink lots of liquids: especially water & tea. My favorite tea to drink is lavender or a stress relief tea. Lavender helps reduce inflammation, so try it out!

3. Use essential oils! My favorites when I'm sick are thieves, lemon, lavender & peppermint. I typically put one drop of lemon & lavender in my tea, I rub peppermint on my chest to help with breathing & I diffuse thieves. A lot of people also use thieves on their feet. Remember: if you are using any type of essential oil on your skin ALWAYS, always, always dilute!! Also, make sure you are using a reputable brand that is okay to use on your skin & ingest. I use two different brands: one for using on myself & one for diffusing. 

4. Take a detox bath! I love my Epsom salt baths. They help SO much. I usually put some lavender essential oil in with me (can you tell I love it?!!)

5. Don't overdo it before you are completely recovered! This is for any illness - if you overdo it, it will take longer I get better. Get some rest! 

This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.  Please exercise good judgment and see a trained healthcare provider when needed.

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