The Berger Bungalow: Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette party tips

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette party tips
Posted on:4.29.2015

Happy Wedding Wednesday, everyone!
Today I wanted to talk about one of the most fun parties you'll have during your wedding planning experience...
The bachelorette party! 
My bachelorette party was absolutely  amazing! I cannot even begin to describe how much fun we had. 
When we first started planning (yes, I helped plan this even though I was not supposed to), we were thinking about going to New Orleans, or in downtown Atlanta just because it was convienient. While this would have been fun, I wanted something that was more me! We thought about it for a few days & I knew hands down that I wanted to go on a cruise. Best decision ever! 

We ended up going on a 4 night Royal Caribbean cruise with a stop in Cozumel! 
I will post pictures from our bachelorette trip below, but first, I want to give you girls a few tips about planning one! 

Tips for planning the perfect bachelorette party-

1. ALWAYS consider the Bride. 
Keep in mind that you are not the bride! This party is to celebrate the bride on her upcoming marriage! If you base your activities, or location on what you, or other bridesmaids want, you are being extremely selfish. Talk with the Bride before you start planning to see if she has any ideas that she really wants. Assure her that you will be her advocate so she will have a great time, but leave it at that. Don't let her know too much about the party! 

2. Talk with the other bridesmaids before you look into anything! 
Make sure you talk to all bridesmaids about how much they can afford, when they can take off work, and if there is anything they would absolutely hate doing. While this is a party for the bride, you need to make sure all of the bridesmaids can attend if they want to (which they should), so make sure they are able to attend without putting too much stress on anyone. When planning the bachelorette party, you need to consider what the bride wants, and when she can take off work, and then what everyone else can afford, and when they can take off work. If you plan this far enough in advance, you should have no problems! Give everyone time to save money & take off work. Planning this about 6 months to a year in advance is perfect, I think. It all depends on the length of the engagement, though. 

3. Make it a surprise! 
Do not let the bride plan her bachelorette party! I don't care how nosey she is, don't do it! She has so much stress and responsibility planning the wedding, and she does not need another thing to worry about. Plus, it is more fun if she doesn't know about it. Just make sure you assure her everything is going smoothly, or she will try to interfere. [Tip: make a packing list for her, and tell her what the weather is going to look like. I would tell her in advance if you are going out of the country because passports are needed & you don't want to find out she has an expired passport at the last minute!] 

This is probably the most important tip out of them all. Have fun & celebrate the bride. The wedding planning process is an extremely stressful time, so make sure she lets loose & you put all the attention on her. Whatever you do, don't make the trip/night about you. 

5. Make favor bags
Talk to the bride and see if she wants to make these herself, or if you want to make them. If the trip is a surprise, maybe you can help her think of some general ideas that she can help out with if she wants to do them herself, and you can do the rest. For example, if you are going to the beach, maybe she could get Chapstick, koozies, and monogrammed water bottles, and then you could get monogrammed beach towels. That would be an awesome favor bag! Other ideas for lower priced favor bags would be a hangover kit: ibuprofen or Tylenol,  a water bottle, a snack, etc. 

6. Have everything planned out! 
This is extremely important so that nobody is confused, or does not bring enough money.
Once you have gone through the steps of talking to the bride about what she wants and when a good time is for her, WRITE IT DOWN! Then, talk to the bridesmaids about how much they can afford, when they have time to take off work, and ask if there is anything they would absolutely not do. Write it all down to stay organized. Keep the bridesmaids involved and ask if they have any ideas. You can also communicate to them about what the bride is thinking. Communication is key for a smooth bachelorette party! 
Once you talk to everyone, decide on what you are going to do. Look into ALL details before giving the bridesmaids a final price. To make it easy, plan out a full itinerary so that you do not miss anything! Sending out the pricing to everyone is a very important part. 
If you need to take a flight, tell them that price (including taxes, etc.), and everything else. If you are not going to an all inclusive, make sure you let them know to budget for alcohol and food! Of course, food is going to be estimated, so make sure it is a little bit more than what you think it will actually be. Break if down for them when you tell them how much it is going to be! For example:
The flight is x amount
The hotel is x amount 
Food is estimated at x amount
Drinks are estimated at x amount
Souvenir money if you want it
_____ activity is x amount plus tip
Taxis are x amount (estimated)
You get the point! Just make sure you break down every cost possible for each of the bridesmaids and make sure that cost includes the bride's price divided between everyone attending. 

I hope that helps a bit! Let me know if you have any questions about planning a bachelorette party. There are so many things to consider! 
Here are a few pictures from my bachelorette trip:

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