The Berger Bungalow: Lilly For Target

Lilly For Target
Posted on:4.19.2015

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, Ian and I stayed up until 3am just for the Lilly sale at Target. I understand that some people think it's not the "real" Lilly, and want the "real" thing, but my perspective is if I am going to buy a $40 dress anyway, might as well be something I think is cute, and I do think everything that the Target sale had was cute! I scored great!

I will update you with how everything looks quality-wise, and the fit of the clothes, but for now, here is what I ended up scoring:

Lilly Pulitzer for Target My Fans

Lilly Pulitzer for Target See Ya Later

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Nosie Posey

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Fan Dance

Did anyone else score anything they love?!

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