The Berger Bungalow: Lilly for Target review

Lilly for Target review
Posted on:4.27.2015

I stayed up until 3am on Twitter & Target the night Lilly Pulitzer released their Lilly for Target line. It was insane the way they released it! I actually had no problem with it since I was one of the first to get items, but I can definitely see how others were upset when the clothes sold out, and the site crashed.
I'm so glad I ended up shopping online instead of going into stores. Like everyone heard, it was a madhouse!
 Like I posted earlier, I ended up getting four shift dresses. I was really nervous that they would not fit because Target tends to run smaller for me, so I sized up TWO sixes & I am glad I did! I ended up getting a size 8 in all shift dresses & they fit great! I'm typically a size 4 in "regular" Lilly shift dresses & I think their target brand firs like a 4/6, so it's perfect for me! It's not AS fitted as a 4, but not as loose as a 6, so I think it's somewhere in between. If you happen to find a dress for sale, I would recommend going up one or two sizes.

I think the quality is pretty good! It's not up to par with the expensive Lilly clothes, but for a cute dress that was less than $40, it's really good quality & will probably last for a few years. The back of each dress has a gold zipper with a cute little pineapple. So adorable! I added a picture of this detail below. 
The only thing I do not like about the dresses is that they seemed to stretch around the hip area when I sat down for a while. Not sure why that happened. It definitely stretched to a size 6/8 when I sat down. The rest of the dress still fit like a 4/6. That was pretty annoying. You can see in the first picture I posted how it stretched a bit around my hips. Sorry that picture is so blurry - it's the only one I have from my girls night the other evening. 
 Other than that, they are perfect & im really happy with my purchases. I cannot wait to wear these dresses on our honeymoon NEXT month!
Here are pictures of all the details: 

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