The Berger Bungalow: Katie's surprise gender reveal!

Katie's surprise gender reveal!
Posted on:4.06.2015

Since the wedding, I have had a lot of free time on my hands. I spent my days off (before the wedding) planning every detail possible, going to meetings, alteration appointments etc. so now that I'm not doing much on my days off, I decided to throw my sister, Katie a baby shower.

When we originally started planning, Katie & Josh thought they were going to wait until she gave birth to find out the sex, but as time progressed, she decided that she could not wait! I threw out the suggestion of a gender reveal, and she LOVED the idea, but did not want it to be a huge ordeal, so we ordered a cake from Cherry on top Delights with the color of the gender inside. We didn't announce that it was going to happen, we just waited for everyone to figure it out for themselves ;). I wish I had more pictures than I do, but it was a great day, and I am so excited to finally announce that I have another NIECE coming in July! <3

Thank you to Cherry on Top Delights and Deliteful events for making our cake, and catering the food (minus the cravings station).

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