The Berger Bungalow: Wedding talk!

Wedding talk!
Posted on:5.09.2014

I swear, one of the best ways to learn how to budget your money is to have a wedding! These past few weeks have been full of booking vendors, paying down payments, signing contracts & writing down when our next payment is due. You have to stay so organized, or you will go crazy it by your wedding day! 
Most people really hate planning weddings because of all the tiny details you have to remember - it just stresses them out, but I absolutely LOVE it. Yes, I sometimes get stressed out and need help, but thankfully there have been a few people here for me from the beginning. Other than the occasional stressful moments, it has been one of the most fun things I have ever done! I've been going back and forth about the idea of planning a few weddings AFTER my wedding and I think I will try it out! Of course, I won't compare to Mindy Weiss, or anyone like that, but I think a lot of people have trouble staying organized, researching and making decisions and I have become really good at it all!

Here are a few of our wedding vendors we have booked!

Venue: Park Tavern: The Piedmont Room
- Our venue is right on Piedmont Park! Such an awesome place. 

Getting ready hotel: The W Midtown
- LOVE our hotel! 

DJ & lighting: DJ Joel Rabe with Lethal Rhythms
- Go listen to some of his mixes. They are AMAZING

Photographer: Chris & Heather with Graceology Photography
- I actually found them through Facebook. Go check out some of their pictures!

Videography: Wesley Arnold & Robert Johnson with Off The Wall Pro
- Their wedding videos are perfectly executed. AMAZING work! 

Florist and wedding planner: Lindsey Mitchell with Leave it to Lindsey
- Just wait until you see our flowers! I am so lucky to have found someone that could be the day of coordinator and do the flowers at the same time! 

Transportation: Special Day Limos
- SWEETEST PEOPLE YOU WILL EVER MEET. Seriously. This is a family run business and I could not have picked a better company. We were thinking about saving money and just taking uber back to our hotel from the reception, but after talking with them, there was no going back. Awesome company. 

Wedding cake: Hailey with Cherry On Top Delights
- Holy sweetness. Our cake is 5 tiers of wedding perfection. Just wait!

Bridesmaid dresses
Donna morgan petal. The PERFECT color! We shopped at Bella Bridesmaid and had an amazing experience, so far.

Wedding dress
I obviously cannot tell you what my dress looks like ;)

...and more!!!!

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