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The Top Five Master Bathroom Trends of 2017
Posted on:3.24.2017


Having a healthier and more positive outlook on life starts with small steps. Increasing one’s water intake each day helps cleanse the body. Adding a 20-minute walk to a daily routine helps burn calories and increase endorphins. These small changes have the ability to reinvigorate a person. Updating a house can be approached in a very similar manner. A small space can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a home. Take, for example, a bathroom. A complete overhaul is not needed to positively affect the ease of use and design of these practical spaces. Instead, small changes can improve the overall aesthetic. 

Each morning and evening start in the bathroom so keeping the space beautiful and functional can make all the difference in a person’s day. Since bathrooms are typically more confined spaces, it is the perfect room to test out trends and different design techniques. Update older styles with minimal, contemporary touches, meld the past and present with antique accents - changes to a bathroom are perfect for any design aesthetic. They rejuvenate the space, increase a home’s value, and give the bathroom longevity. 

1. Optimized Storage
Tuck away towels and toiletries in convenient and functional storage areas. Modern twists on cabinetry allow styling accessories to plug into the back of cabinets, keeping cords hidden and clutter off of countertops. Open shelving is a trend for those desiring a more contemporary, hotel-style bathroom. Learn to maximize space and create unique, storage compartments in spaces once considered unpractical or void areas. 

2. Bath In Good Vibes
Add a touch of whimsy to a bathroom by updating to a free-standing tub. An antique footed tub is a great accompaniment to a classic bathroom with a vintage feel. Soaking tubs without feet add clean lines to contemporary bathrooms. A free-standing tub will be a showstopper and instant focal point for any master bathroom.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Vintage or modern, antique or fashion-forward, mirrors are a must have for any bathroom. One of the simplest and most inexpensive upgrades, swapping out a mirror can alter the look of a bathroom dramatically. Gone are the days of the large, contractor-grade, wall-mounted mirrors. Now, oversize round mirrors are all the rage. The unexpected shape accommodates any design style.


4. Warm Up The Space
Before the first cup of coffee in the morning, there is a trek from the bed to the bathroom. Toes hit the icy bathroom tile and recoil in fright - it is freezing. What if this did not have to happen? What if when foot hit the tile, there was no recoil because the tile was room temperature, or even warm? One of the biggest trends in master bathroom design is a change which adds no aesthetic value - heated floors. Adding heated floors provides an instant feeling of comfort and will make mornings a happy time for frozen feet. 

5. On the Edge 
One of the most noticeable features of a bathroom is the countertop. Making any design change to a bathroom will force a designer to reevaluate the countertop situation. Updating to a natural stone countertop is an easy change, adding luxury and charm to any space. Marble, granite, quartz, or semi-precious stone are just some of the natural stone countertop options available. Once a countertop is selected, one must choose the type of countertop edge; this is a one small, but very significant choice. 

The shape and edge of a countertop give a space a unique, customized feel. When picking a suitable edge for a bathroom, there are several different options, including:
Bullnose - a soft, rounded corner. There are different variations of a bullnose edge, like a demi-bullnose or a 1 ½” bullnose. 
Bevel - a diagonal, sloped edge which is a great touch for contemporary spaces.
Ogee - an “S-shaped” design gives countertops a high-end feel with a bit of customized style.
Square - these edges actually have a semi-soft appearance to ensure they aren’t too sharp and are not prone to chipping. 
Mitered - two pieces fitted together gives the illusion of a thicker countertop without adding extra weight. It is suitable for almost any type of design contemporary or classic. 

When updating a bathroom, consult the countertop experts at Premier Surfaces. Premier Surfaces is the leading natural stone countertop company in Atlanta. The experts at Premier Surface help design, fabricate, and install one-of-a-kind natural stone countertops for any space, including a dream bathroom. Visit one of the four showrooms throughout the Southeast or visit them online at where the well-equipped designers can help make decisions leading to the perfect countertop, shape, and edge for almost any bathroom remodel. 

Eric Tryon is the President and CEO of Premier Surfaces, and it was his vision to create a relationship-based company that offers industry-leading craftsmanship and service. Each employee works toward demonstrating integrity, family values, a positive attitude, teamwork, and of course, a high-level of customer satisfaction. The installers for Premier Services are all full-time, fully-trained employees of the company, which cuts out the need for contractors and middlemen, allowing them to deliver the best possible customer experience throughout every point of the buying, designing, and installation process. 

No matter how you plan to change a bathroom remember, small changes can make huge impacts. 

 This post is sponsored by Premier Services. As always, opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting brands that support The Berger Bungalow! 
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Spring Restaurant Review
Posted on:3.22.2017

Tucked quietly away right off of the main street, Spring Restaurant is a fantastic addition to The Marietta Square. This farm-to-table restaurant currently sits at number 25 in Atlanta Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants, so I definitely had high hopes when first trying their food and they did not disappoint!

Since they use seasonal and sustainable ingredients, their menu changes frequently, but they keep it updated on their website and Facebook page daily. I also overheard them telling a customer that you can always call to find out what’s on the menu.

From the first course to our last bite, we were in awe - it was absolute perfection. Our food was perfectly seasoned, which in itself is a hard task, all of the ingredients and flavors were so incredibly well-paired, the meat and fish was cooked flawlessly and the desserts were heaven. 

I truly believe that everyone needs to try Spring. I wish I could eat there everyday - I am positive that I would never get tired of it.

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House Adventures // Living Room
Posted on:3.21.2017

I’m back with another house post!! I know it has been so long, but we have been non-stop lately. Between work, fun events, travel, busy season, Ian’s grad school and also his CPA tests (he passed his second one today!!!!!!!), there just really hasn’t been any time to do house projects, or even keep our house clean enough to take pictures of it haha! 

I LOVE our living room. It’s open to the kitchen, it has tall ceilings and it’s open and bright. When we first moved in, the walls in the living room were two different colors - a yellowish beige and a dark plum color. I get what they were trying to do, but it just wasn’t my style at all. We removed all of the popcorn ceilings and painted everything grey, just like the other rooms! This immediately brightened the room which is exactly what I wanted! 



We really don’t have that much to do to it because it’s already it really good shape. Everything that we want to do at this point is pretty cosmetic, but here is what we have planned:

Plans & Inspiration:

1. Replace the fan
The current fan is UGLA-Y and doesn’t work. The only thing that is delaying this project is the fact that we have to use scaffolding and I really don’t want to do this ourself. 

2. Add marble to the fireplace
I would absolutely love to add a marble surround (is that the correct word?!) to our fireplace. The black that we currently have is just really hard to clean and keep clean and it’s not my favorite since it is dark.

3. Get new furniture
Our couches are beyond comfortable. They were passed down to us from Ian’s parents who had them for a long time before us, so they are worn in and comfy, but I’m just ready for new couches and new side tables, etc. We really need new couches, a new ottoman, MAYBE a coffee table, side tables, lamps, a rug and some new decor. 

One other thing that I am really looking hard for is a picture on the wall by the chair. It’s a pretty large wall, so it needs to be a good picture & I have a hard time just putting “anything” there - I like for all of my art to be meaningful.

4. Add plantation shutters.
I am just not a fan of blinds, so the options are either to keep these and not be completely happy, or take them off and either add curtains, or plantation shutters. I love the look of plantation shutters and it adds a [small] amount of value to your home, so I think we are going in that direction!

5. Add a dimming feature to the light switch
This isn’t a huge task. It’s pretty easy to do and not expensive, but it also isn’t a priority, so we will see if it gets done! We want to do this throughout the house. It’s a small touch that will update the home a bit.

6. Maybe think about re-doing the floors 
Let me be clear by saying that I LOVE the floors we have now. They are laminate wood floors and I never thought I would like them, but I really do. They are easy to maintain and they do not get scratched up like traditional hardwoods do. While I love them, I think that we *might* consider re-doing all of the floors downstairs and putting down traditional hardwoods throughout because it would add value to the home. So, this is still up in the air. It would be a big project to take on, so I think we would only accomplish this IF we stayed in it long enough (which hopefully we will).

That’s my current living room for ya! I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do you have anything specific that you would do to this room?!

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My journey to finding fresh food during the winter
Posted on:3.14.2017

This post was sponsored by Fresh From Florida as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

Filling your plate with colorful food is usually an easy way to eat healthier. Unfortunately, a lot of people have the mindset that eating colorful food in the winter is hard, or even impossible, but I will let you in on a little secret - it is a lot easier than you think! 

Before my parents moved to Florida about two years ago, I would grocery shop and choose just any brand of food that I could find - I didn’t really know that I had a choice to pick great options vs. okay (or not-so-good) options. In the colder months, I would usually get home, try the produce and proceed to throw it out because it just wasn’t that fresh. 

When they finally moved, I went to their local farmers market and grocery store and noticed a huge difference. Most of the produce in Florida stores was from Florida farmers who make it easy for us to eat fresh year-round. This is where I was first introduced to Fresh From Florida food and it has made a huge difference in the food that I bring home and put on our table today.

Now, when I go grocery shopping, I search out Fresh From Florida food products. Just the other day, I lucked out and found these amazing tomatoes and strawberries (my favorite winter find - they are always so juicy!). I also found peppers, blueberries and so many other amazing produce at the farmers market! When you grocery shop, you can find fresh food, too - just make sure you are looking for the Fresh From Florida label on your food!

Living in the south has a lot of perks like avoiding most of the frigid air and snow storms, but the best perk of all is finding fresh and colorful produce! Don’t forget to shop for Fresh From Florida products and you can also follow the Fresh on social media to see their Fresh! recipe videos.
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Cleaning Out My Pantry
Posted on:2.27.2017

This is a sponsored post brought to you by 3cConsulting. The opinions are completely my own based on my personal experience with the product.

I love snacks. I’ve figured out that when I snack, I eat smaller and healthier meals compared to when I don’t snack, which is great, but I do have a bad habit. My bad habit is that I consistently choose the WRONG food to snack on.

In the evenings and on the weekends when Ian and I plop down on the couch to relax, I always go for sugary or salty food. Chips, candy, popcorn, chocolate with that gooey caramel filling, ice cream, the list goes on. It’s always worse when it is cold outside, too. I really just want to curl up under a blanket and eat a bowl full of popcorn (yeah, the entire bowl). It looks a little something like this:

Okay, okay. Maybe not that dramatic, but really, it looks like this:


I’m usually pretty good with making healthy choices during the day because I meal prep and have healthy food lined up, but once the day is over and my pantry is calling my name, I just can’t help myself! December and January were good months for me. I somehow stayed away from all of the junk, but February has been HARD and I definitely need a change.

I have known for a while that my pantry needs a major renovation to get rid of all of my junk, but I kept putting it off because CHOCOLATE is my jam and I just cannot seem to stay away from it. 

That’s where Bulletproof changed my thought process. I know you all have seen my posts about Bulletproof - I love their products with a passion. When I first started drinking their coffee with Grass fed Ghee and Brain Octane® Oil, I did not realize they had other products, as well. It turns out that in addition to their coffee, they also have food that will help me snack healthier. SCORE! I knew I had to try some out.

As soon as my box arrived at my door, I ripped it open and obviously had to try out the products! I received Lemon Cookie Collagen Bars, Fudge Brownie Collagen Bars, Vanilla Shortbread Collagen Bars, Chocolate Fuel Bars (Hallelujah!) to snack on and I also got a cookbook and a travel mug, which I have wanted for a while because it is spill and leak-proof and also keeps your coffee hot for 4 hours! 

I knew that the bars would be perfect for both during the day and in the evenings because they contain both Brain Octane® Oil and XCT® oil to keep me full and focused. The ingredients are processed at a low temperature to preserve their natural flavors and to make sure you’re getting the maximum nutrients in each bite. 

I also HAD to try the Chocolate Fuel Bars and I am so, so glad that they are sitting in my pantry right now. They smell amazing and more importantly, they are SUGAR FREE!!! See you never, sugar cravings! Make sure you get your bars soon, though because they are a limited offer.

The cookbook that I received is written by Dave Asprey. It is filled with delicious meals that are not only filling, but they also helped Asprey maintain his weight loss and sustain his energy. I cannot wait to try out some recipes! 

After thoroughly testing out each bar, I started (finally) cleaning out my pantry. Here is what it looked like before:

 Junk food GALORE, but I made an awesome step and tossed it all. I will admit, since I was replacing my bad chocolate that was filled with sugar with good chocolate that is sugar free, it really made it a lot easier. 

I am extremely happy with my decision and I’m not missing my junk food at all. I have a lot of events coming up that I want to look and feel my best for and that would not happen if I kept stuffing my face with ‘bad chocolate’ and popcorn each night. 

Do you have junk food in your pantry that you should clean out? I definitely recommend checking out the Bulletproof website for healthier snacks! Next on my list to get is their Hot Chocolate (okay, I seriously can’t stop talking about chocolate in this post apparently) because it is supposed to be superior in flavor with minimized levels of mold toxins!
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Travel // Saints and Sinners
Posted on:2.23.2017

Saints and Sinners, owned by Channing Tatum is located in the middle of the french quarter, on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. This restaurant, bar and club was created to look like the red-light district bordellos and burlesque halls and they blew it out of the water in that aspect! The decor, especially in the back where we were sitting was very fitting for New Orleans and really felt like we were immersed in the culture of the city.

The service was great at the restaurant! Our server was extremely attentive and helpful with anything we needed. She was prompt, patient and extremely nice. Two of our girls ordered a dish and ended up not liking it as much as they thought (explained below) and our server was very apologetic. The two that ordered the meals told her that it was okay and they would keep the meals, but I have a feeling that if they wouldn’t have said that, our server would have comped or replaced the meals with something that they liked. Great service all around! 

Now, for the best part: the food! Overall, I would say that the food was good.

For an appetizer, we had the fried alligator tail. This was by far the best dish we tried! We LOVED it and I could have eaten 10 more dishes of it. So, so good. I will definitely be back for that! 

The BBQ shrimp and grits was the meal that we had an issue with. It was extremely spicy and did not taste like bbq at all. I really love spicy food, so I thought it was a great dish, but the other girls aren’t fans of spicy food, so they had a pretty negative experience. I think this is a good dish, but it should definitely not be called bbq shrimp and grits and it should change its wording on the menu to specify that it is spicy instead of sweet like some bbq sauces. 

I had the crawfish and two of the others split the crawfish with potatoes and corn. They both loved it, while I thought it was good, but not great. We ordered a side of the sauce that went with the alligator tail and that really helped it a bit, for me. The spice level was good - not too spicy, but just right. I kept thinking that it was missing something, but I couldn’t pin point what it was missing. Other than the spice, it just tasted a bit bland. Maybe it needed some salt or something? I’m not sure.

I cannot speak for the drinks myself because I did not have one, but everyone that did, was very satisfied! 

After dinner, we went upstairs to their private club. We had entry for free, but I think it is typically $10 or so? In my opinion, it wouldn’t have been worth it on that night. I am sure it varies each night, but the night we were there, it was slow. 

Overall, I think Saints and Sinners is a good restaurant and bar, but not great. As much as it pains me to say, I will probably not be back for dinner. The group I went with decided to go because the bride loves Channing Tatum and wanted to see him. I have a feeling that a lot of people go for that reason & get let down, but of course, that is just my opinion. When I go back to Bourbon Street, I will definitely go in for the alligator appetizer and maybe a drink, but I do not think I will order dinner there again. Have you ever been to Saints and Sinners in New Orleans?
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Travel // The Country Club
Posted on:2.16.2017

New Orleans is known for its amazing food and The Country Club definitely confirmed that reputation. Located in the residential area of New Orleans, this gem is known for being your “home away from home,” according to its website.

The Country Club is a full service bar and restaurant with a private ‘club’ in the back. The club includes a hot tub, heated pool, sauna, cabana bar, television and projector screen. The pricing to get into the club is $10-15 depending on the day and definitely worth it! The food and drinks (from what I saw) were extremely reasonable and well worth the cost.

During Jessica’s bachelorette trip, we ended up having brunch on our last day at The Country Club and it did not disappoint. We started off with their bottomless mimosas. When I say bottomless, I really mean it. Some restaurants skimp you on mimosas by taking their time when checking on you, but The Country Club was extremely prompt! Anytime we had an empty glass, they immediately filled it up! I actually had to tell them to stop pouring because I didn’t want to drink too much! I definitely give them a 10/10 on their customer service! 

For brunch, we split the Truffle Mac-N-Cheese for an appetizer. I would go back to New Orleans for this one dish alone. It was phenomenal. Hands down the best mac-n-cheese I have ever tried. It consisted of gouda, mascarpone and white truffle. When I finished scraping my plate (I considered licking it), I told my table that I could have ordered another mac-n-cheese for my meal instead of ordering an actual entree. It was THAT good.

I was very sad to see the mac-n-cheese go, but we moved on to our entrees! I had The Beef Debris & Eggs for my entree. As soon as I tried this dish, I was SO happy that I ordered an entree because it was mind-blowing. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the meat was juicy and tender and the sauce was out of this world good. The Beef Debris is hands down the best thing I ate while in New Orleans and that is saying a lot. At $19 for the dish, it is worth every single penny.

Another dish at our table was the Chicken & Waffles. I didn’t try this, but those that did said it was fabulous. We also ordered the Traditional breakfast and the Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs. The Traditional breakfast was just your average (but great) traditional breakfast. The Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs was great, too. The sauce that they used was amazing and definitely brought the entire dish to a new level of tasty. 

To sum it up, the chef at The Country Club is KILLING it. If you are looking for a brunch restaurant in New Orleans, I highly recommend going to The Country Club. Like I said, it was the best place that I ate during my trip. I will definitely be back and I cannot wait to take Ian there to try it! I would also love to try out their dinner and club area. Have you ever been to The Country Club in New Orleans?
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