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Battle of The Gelato Shops: Where to Get The Best Gelato in Rome, Florence, and Bologna
Posted on:10.17.2017

If I could sum myself up into one word based on the things I love to do, it would be the word 'foodie' hands down. I. love. food. On top of being a foodie, I would say that I am extremely skilled in organization and researching. Mix all of those together and you get a foodie that researches and tracks down THE best places to eat - especially when traveling because you only have a limited amount of time in that area, so you want to eat the best food you possibly can.

So, when we went to Italy, you can bet that I researched for months in order to find the best places to go (and let me tell you - my research did not fail me; we ate some great food). I researched places for coffee, places for lunch, places for dinner, and places for gelato.

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Where To Stay in Rome, Italy: The Beehive
Posted on:10.03.2017

Owned by Linda and Steve, an American couple who had a great dream of starting an affordable hotel that makes you feel at home, The Beehive is a convenient, clean, and happy place to stay in Rome, Italy. Located just two blocks from termini in the center of Rome, The Beehive was the perfect place for us to stay since we were coming from the train station and had to catch another train a few days after checking in.
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September Recap
Posted on:10.01.2017

Wow, I feel like I just wrote my August Recap last week. I've been saying this every month, but this past month seriously flew by before my eyes. I am welcoming October with open arms - it is one of my favorite months (October, May, and December are my favs), and I am so beyond ready for the cooler weather to come.


September is always a great month for us because Ian's birthday month. You can say that it was a month full of good food, friends, family, and lots of fun events. Here is our month in pictures: 

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Chicken and the Egg - Marietta
Posted on:9.27.2017

Located directly off Whitlock Avenue in the heart of downtown Marietta, Chicken and the Egg is a farm-to-table dining experience with a "Southern slant." Serving brunch, lunch, dinner, and of course drinks, they elevate traditional comfort food by offering dishes like wild boar meatballs, charred brussels sprouts, roasted beet salad, chicken + waffles, bacon wrapped meatloaf, and braised beef short rib (my favorite!). 

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Pro packing tips from a seasoned traveler
Posted on:9.25.2017

This post is sponsored by EatSmart Products, but all opinions are my own! 
When I travel, I plan everything to a T relatively far in advance. For example, we have travel plans for California coming up in April (to San Francisco, Carmel, Sonoma, and Napa) and I already have most of my hotels booked, I've started researching restaurants, vineyards, and other things to do, and I've already planned part of our itinerary. For Italy, we planned everything in advance - far in advance, but one thing that I typically do not plan is my packing. I tend to do this pretty fast at the very last second because I just cannot seem to plan when it comes to packing (and honestly, I don't see the point in planning it since I already travel so much and I'm pretty much a pro at fitting everything in).
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Capanna - Montalcino, Italy
Posted on:9.19.2017

You know that you have a good wine guide when you go to local, family-owned vineyards that you would have never found on your own. Davide from Tuscan Wine Somm was just that - fantastic! 
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Cinque Terre Travel Guide
Posted on:9.15.2017

Cinque Terre is unlike any other part of Italy (that I have been to). It is more relaxed and care free, and it has a lot of lush greenery all around it. On top of that, it sits on the coastline and it is just gorgeous. We were in Cinque Terre for one day, which wasn't enough. Although we hiked most of the time, we still took some time to relax in order to get a 'feel' of the culture in the five towns. Let me know what you think about this Hiking based Cinque Terre Travel Guide!
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