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Jenna's Last Sail Before The Veil: Bachelorette Trip to The Bahamas
Posted on:1.18.2018

After months and months of planning, Jenna's bachelorette trip finally happened! If you do not know by now, I was keeping the trip a surprise. She knew that we were going somewhere for the entire weekend, but did not know where we were going, or what we were doing. I do think she had a hint though, because a cruise was #1 on her wish list. ;)

I am going to give you a full review of our ship, The Majesty of The Seas, as well as an amazing food tour that we did in Nassau, but for now, I will just do a quick picture recap and leave you with our itinerary while you wait for the rest of my posts. I hope you enjoy these pictures! 

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Hello, 2018!
Posted on:1.08.2018

Change. Growth. Fresh. Success. Dreams. Hope. 

To me, all of these words mean that it is the New Year. Welcome, 2018! We start out January with the perfect picture in our mind about how the year is going to go. 

The perfect picture of what we are going to do and what we are going to see. 

The perfect picture of how we can avoid what we hated about the prior year. 

But, for some reason, throughout the year, that perfect picture slowly fades away and we forget about it. Hard things start happening and we get negative and automatically call it a bad year.

This year, I am determined to make sure that my words of positivity stay in my brain throughout the year and I am doing that by setting a few goals for myself (which I have listed below) and I am going to accomplish them. Of course, I do have more goals than these, but I wanted to go ahead and list out a few important ones! 2018 is going to be positive for me and only I can make it that way.

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The Night I Was Drugged With My Husband
Posted on:12.28.2017

I awoke to a pounding headache, ratty hair, and clothes that I did not put on myself on New Year’s Day, with no memory of the night before. I rolled over, as I winced in pain to ask my husband, who was laying beside me with puffy, red-rimmed eyes what happened the night before. Everything was blank and I automatically knew that I had been drugged on New Years Eve.

Let me rewind -- 

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Getting Christmas Ready With Framebridge
Posted on:12.18.2017

This post is in collaboration with Framebridge, but all opinions are my own.

We are finally hosting Christmas for the first time ever in our 'new' home! For those that do not know, we moved in just over a year ago and have been working (slowly) to make it feel like ours since then. We put off decorating for a while because we had a hard time balancing decorating, travel, events, and other things that we wanted to do, but I feel like we are finally at a point where we are able to balance those things a little better than before and we are finally spending money to decorate in order to make it feel more comfortable and homie. 

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Eating Heavenly Bacon at The Factory Café
Posted on:12.12.2017

The Factory Café in Florence, Alabama is what breakfast dreams are made of. Located in the Alabama Chanin factory, this brunch (and lunch, I believe) spot is one that would be hard to find if you did not do your research before traveling to Florence. In fact, most of the people I saw in The Factory Café looked like they were local Florence residents. To be honest, when we first walked in, I thought we were barging into a family meal because of the laughter and joy that we saw coming from the communal tables. The staff must have noticed our hesitation when we first walked through the doors, but they graciously welcomed us right in! 

the factory cafe breakfast menu

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland at Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa in Florence, Alabama
Posted on:12.04.2017

The minute I knew that we were traveling to Florence, Alabama, I quickly searched Google in order to find out where to stay. Out of the twelve hotels in Florence (according to TA), Trip Advisor ranks Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa #1 for the best value and when we chatted with our friends about it, they also told us that it was the most elegant hotel in the city, so we knew we had to check it out. I am so glad we did because we had a fantastic stay! 


The first thing I noticed when walking into Marriott Shoals was the Christmas tree. It was massive and so perfectly decorated - I really wish I knew how long it took to decorate it. We traveled to Florence the weekend after Thanksgiving and I was surprised that they already had decorations up, but I was so glad because they were so gorgeous - it truly was like walking in a winter wonderland and I could not stop taking pictures of the tree and all of the other decorations (as you can see below).

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November in Pictures
Posted on:12.01.2017

You know the saying, "Time goes by faster the older you get?" Well, I'm learning that now because it has really flown by lately. I have so many things on my to-do list and not enough time to finish them, but that's okay - things always work out! 

This past month has been amazing. There were so many fun events and celebrations, but also many set backs. I feel like I say that same exact sentence each month - there seems to be something wrong with our house all. the. time. One day things will slow down...hopefully.

Anyway, before I ramble more, here was our November:

Blog posts you missed -- 

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