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Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Book Review!
Posted on:7.15.2016

As most of you know, Ian and I have been on the journey of slowly stopping our bad habits so that we can live healthier lives. We (more like I) have read multiple books on why eating organic is better, or how to change your diet from eating processed foods to natural, healthy foods, but never have I read a book about living an all around well-balanced life. Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-judgment is just that! The author, Marissa Vicario is an award winning health and wellness coach who started off by looking at magazines in search of how to have the perfect “model body” just like a lot of girls do. Realizing she was searching in the wrong place, she figured out how to focus on her health and well-being and decided to share everything she learned with her readers! 

The book is divided into seven parts, which include 22 chapters within. The parts of the book include: Holistically hot ideology, how your bod works, small changes, big shifts, cooking at home, the food-mood connection, beyond food and real life application. As you can see, Vicario really thought of it all and included it in her book making it extremely educational and interesting! 

Each chapter in the book has so many details on not only what to do and what not to do, but also why it works (or doesn’t work). For example, she shares with us why diets don’t work, but doesn’t just stop at that. She goes into detail about how our body works, including what each food group does for our body, how to eat balanced meals, and how to add different ingredients into our everyday lives. Each topic builds on another topic which leads into a well-rounded, easy read. Not only is it an easy read, but Vicario convinces her readers to live out an all around healthy, rich life which is something that (almost) everyone needs help with! 

I really enjoyed reading Your Holistically Hot Transformation and definitely recommend it to all of my friends that are interested in living a healthy life!! Go pick up a copy here!
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4th of July Weekend Recap!
Posted on:7.05.2016

Our 4th of July weekend was perfect! I had Friday off work, so I took the time to  visit my sister and niece. The weather was great, so we walked to the park and played there for a while which was a lot of fun! That evening, Ian and I ran errands for our 4th of July party! We stopped at both Costco and Kroger thinking that we could get everything, but of course the next day we had to make at least two more stops to get everything we forgot haha! This week, we attempted to follow a Buzzfeed low carb meal plan & I am definitely going to write about that. It was definitely an interesting experience - stay tuned for more details ;)

Saturday morning, we cleaned the entire house and did a bunch of yard work. I think we did something that evening too, but for some reason I cannot remember what we did. 

Sunday, we had a demo day for our friends that just purchased their first house!! We ended up tearing up carpet in three rooms, linoleum in one room, and we tore down a wall which was so much fun! We were one of the first people in our friend group to get engaged and married, so we love that everyone is now buying houses and getting married! :) That night, we were EXHAUSTED, so we made jello shots, made the burgers, cleaned a bit more & then went to sleep. 

The next morning, we were SO excited to celebrate! We woke up early to tidy up, prep a bunch of food, and set everything up for the party! We had our Fatboy Lamzacs set up, tables for beer pong & flip cup, TONS of food and drinks, music outside, and chairs for everyone to sit in. We had the best time with our friends and family today! We played beer pong, flip cup, watched fireworks, ate and drank and just all around had the perfect day! It is crazy how this is our fourth year of being able to walk to fireworks. Now that we are moving, I have no idea what we are going to end up doing for 4th of July next year! We can always have a party and then uber, or have our own fireworks. I guess we will see! 

How was your 4th of July weekend? Did you do anything fun?
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I’m back // July Goals
Posted on:7.01.2016

Hey everyone! I sincerely apologize that I have been MIA for the past month. I have a lot of updates for you! If you didn’t know, we randomly decided to buy a house in May. We knew that we were wanting to buy something in the next two years (probably when Ian finished grad school), but our landlord decided to sell her house, so we took that opportunity to just jump into the house buying process! Being overwhelmed with it all is an understatement. You hear from others that house hunting is fun, but they don’t tell you the frustrating, hard, or nerve-wracking parts about it. I will eventually post about our entire experience, but I am just so beyond thankful that not only the entire process of being under contract is pretty much over, but also that we have THE best team of people helping us make these huge decisions. My sister is our real estate agent and she has been the biggest help. I seriously do not think I could have done this without her! Thank you, thank you Katie. We both really appreciate it. There are also so many others that have helped us through this process which I will write about in my first house hunting post. 

Anyway, this long rant was basically all to say that I am back! My hope is to continue posting like I used to. I know a lot of you have emailed me asking why I haven’t posted and if everything is okay, so I felt like I owed you all an explanation. Everything is okay, we were just going through a MAJOR life change with buying a house. :) From now on, you can expect less rambling from me (like this post has hahah), more recipes, posts about our house hunting and house renovations, more life posts, etc. etc. etc. Get ready y’all! Jumping back into things, here is my July Goals post(with my May and June Goals/recap skipped):

July Goals 
  • Pack 80% of our house 
  •  Post at least 4 recipes 
  •  Spend more time with friends! 
  •  Book all of our initial renovations 
  •  Write part one of our house hunting adventures 
  •  Catch up on all of my blog emails
  • The dog groomer needs to happen! 
  •  Wash my car 
  •  Celebrate Emma’s FIRST birthday!!! <3 
  •  Get back into my workouts (yes, I’ve slacked on this too since we started house hunting).

 What are some of your goals for the month?
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My favorite [healthy] way to cook Okra
Posted on:5.12.2016

Our weekend trips to the local farmers market have left us with tons of okra to cook. At first, I had no idea how to cook it other than frying it (the best way, of course), but I knew that we needed something a bit healthier. I researched a lot about cooking okra and saw that most of the recipes left it slimy. Let’s be real, who wants to eat slimy okra? Not me! I decided to try and bake it and it actually turned out great, so I wanted to share it with all of you!! Let me know what you think if you end up trying this recipe.

Baked Okra

- Turn on your oven to 400.
- While your oven is heating up, wash your okra, pat it to remove some of the extra water & put it on your pan. Put some olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder on the okra, and shake it around making sure that all of it gets coated. Feel free to play around with the spices - I love changing it up and adding different flavors, but this is my basic recipe!
- Once the oven is ready, place your pan in and set your timer for 15 minutes. Once your timer goes off, flip your okra. Your goal is to get the okra brown and crispy on all sides. Continue in 15 minute increments, until all sides are brown and crispy. It usually take me about 45 minutes to an hour.
- Enjoy! 

If you loved this recipe, check back next week to read about another vegetable on the plate above! <3
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Graduation Party Memory Bottles
Posted on:5.09.2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #BestSummerMemories #CollectiveBias

Have you ever heard a song that automatically brings up a past memory? For me, lyrics bring life to past memories, and current events. This weekend, I had a surprise party for Ian’s graduation & I got so beyond excited when I found these Coca-Cola™ and Diet Coke® “Share a Coke and a Song” bottles at CVS! We are so lucky that we have a CVS within walking distance from our house; anytime I need something at the last minute or on the way out of the house, I can just stop by and pick it up. In this case, it was so convenient to grab these Coca-Cola bottles on my way to the party! Love it.

I wanted the party to have personal touches, so I decided to take these Coca-Cola bottles and pair the lyrics with special memories from his college years. His family and friends helped brainstorm with me, and we came up with great memories to go along with the lyrics. The best part is that if you download the Shazam app (available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, etc.), you can “Shazam” the lyrics and play the songs to match your bottles. This would be perfect for a summer event where you need a playlist! 

The party was so much fun! I am beyond thrilled that it ended up being a surprise. In our house, we cannot keep anything a surprise. Christmas gifts get opened early and Ian even proposed out of the blue because he just couldn’t wait, so I am extremely proud of myself that I accomplished keeping this a surprise! His school colors were gold and black, so I decorated with all gold, black and a bit of white. I truly believe that the small details are so important, so I made sure to stick with my colors with almost every detail. From the balloons, napkins and even the graduation cap on his cake to the Coca-Cola graduation memory bottles, everything was black and gold! I absolutely love how the tags I created brought life to past memories while also focusing on the excitement of his new life transition of being a full time accountant!

How to make graduation memory bottles:

Step 1: Figure out your party colors!
Unless you are having a rainbow colored party, this is the most important step. Creating a specific color scheme is essential to the look of your party. Once you figure out a color, you can get all of your small items for your bottles like the tags, a permanent marker, and string.

Step 2: Grab your Coca-Cola bottles, and other items from CVS.
This is a must, obviously! I purchased pre-made tags, but you can also buy paper, string and a hole puncher and make them yourself. All you would need to do is put a hole in the top and slip your string through it.

Step 3: Focusing on the lyrics, come up with quotes, or memories to write on your tags.
If you are throwing a graduation party like myself, come up with memories that took place in the years they were in college. If you are throwing a birthday party, you could come up with memories from the past year, or their entire life. Be as creative as you can! 

Step 4: Have other family and friends come up with memories, as well.
I love this step because it allows memories not only yourself, but memories from every portion of their life with their closest friends and family. I love one memory that Ian’s dad shared on one of the tags. Last summer, they went hiking and got lost. They were trying to find a mountain and ended up walking into a neighborhood somehow. Memories like this make this party favor or decoration, so come up with all of your best ideas!

Step 5: Tie your tags to the bottles and showcase them!
Find a creative way to showcase them. I love the idea of handing them out as favors, but I just put them in a drink bucket so that guests could reminisce on their memories with Ian while at the party. So much fun!

There you have it, you’ve now created your memory bottles! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Have you seen the Share a Coke and a Song bottles at CVS yet? Check out the Best Summer Ever Deals at your local CVS. Buy 2 20oz bottles of Coca-Cola products for $3!!
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April Recap // May Goals
Posted on:5.02.2016

Happy May! My favorite month is finally here and I’m thrilled. So sorry I haven’t been posting much lately - you can still follow along with me on Snapchat (lexrose5) and Instagram! Ian and I are going through a bunch of major changes right now, and I just really don’t have much time to write, BUT I promise as soon as we figure some stuff out, I will be posting more than ever because I do have a lot of content to go out for you guys. Just stick with me through this weird phase! :)

April Recap:
This month was so much fun! I accomplished some of my goals, we celebrated a friends wedding & the end of tax season, and we started going to the farmers market each weekend (it was hard to do that during tax season). We also decided that we are going to try to buy a house in the next few months, so this is what has been taking up most of our time. Trying to get pre-qualified for a loan, figuring out a location we would like to live in, looking at houses, and figuring out some of the details that go along with all of that is HARD work, and really stressful, BUT we have narrowed down an area that we are looking in. It’s still a pretty big area, but that’s a start! YAY! 

For my goals - we celebrated the end of tax season, and my grandma’s 90th birthday which was so much fun, I grew my Instagram to 3,500 (but then it went down like it always does. Y’all, when you are growing your social media accounts, don’t be scared when you lose followers. It happens EVERY DAY, but if you are growing a genuine following, you will always gain them back plus more)! I am at 3491 right now, so it is still a growth either way, and I am sure it will go back up to 3500 in no time. I read two books, got my hair cut (ugh), made veggies a HUGE part of my diet - we have been having veggie plates at least once a week now, and I have been drinking more water. SUPER proud of myself this month!! 

April in pictures:

Ian survived his second busy season and I survived walking in these babies all night. Plus, is it really an after party without gangsta glasses, wine and puppy kisses? I think not.

Our beloved rental house that we’ve been in for 4 1/2 years is officially on the market, and we have started the process of buying our first home. Stressful, but it will be worth it in the end!

My Grandma turned 90, and she rocked her crown and champagne balloon at dinner. 

We’ve been hanging out on the square A LOT lately. Taste of Marietta was a success, we’ve been walking to the farmers market each weekend, and look at some of the amazing fruits and veggies we got!

Congratulations to these newlyweds! We loved celebrating with you.

Proof that I got to 3500 ;) 

May Goals

Like I mentioned above, I am SO excited that it is May. We have so much to look forward to this month, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

My goals this month are:

1. Finish getting pre-qualified for a home loan! (Shoutout to Erika Eubank with Freedom Mortgage) - if you’re in the Atlanta area, definitely use Erika. She is the best! 
2. Celebrate Ian’s graduation!!!!
3. Celebrate my birthday (May 26) <3
4. Drive around the areas we are looking in for a home and try to narrow it down even more.
5. Blog at least twice a week.
6. Gain more followers on Snapchat (lexrose5) - but don’t follow me if you don’t like tons of dog, food, wine, or videos/pictures with the filters (especially when I drink). Haha! 
7. Celebrate Mother’s Day.
8. Spend more fun times with family and friends. 
9. Hopefully go to Matilda’s opening day (it is still up in the air because of work).
10. Step up on my FitBit game. I constantly forget to charge my FitBit, so I never record a lot of my steps. This week, I’m in a steps competition with a bunch of fellow bloggers and I am so excited about it. Hopefully I can remember to charge it...
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Local Atlanta // Taste of Marietta Recap
Posted on:4.25.2016

The Taste of Marietta is a local festival that I have attended for years. Over 75 restaurants, and other vendors come together on The Marietta Square and provide guests with “tastes” of their food for under $5. 

We are so lucky that our house is within walking distance from the square because it is extremely hard to find parking for this event, so we always end up getting a group together, and walking over. This year, we arrived around 11:45 and quickly realized that they didn’t start serving alcohol until 12:30. We did a few laps around the square and scouted out what we wanted to eat and drink. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of the food (which was amazing), but I did get a few pictures of us! 

This year, we ate Oysters from WR Social House, White Corn Grit Fritters from Seed, Blackened Ahi Tuna with pineapple soy and sriracha mayo, and a pulled pork slider from Big Shanty Smokehouse. We also had tons of great drinks. WR Social House/The Butcher The Baker had an amazing strawberry drink with champagne, we had beer from the many stands around, and we ended the day with cocktails at WR Social House, and Pizza from Marietta Pizza Company. It was a great day filled with tons of food! 

What is your favorite spring or summer festival?
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